Bob Tomanovic has had several exhibitions in The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.


Gallery "Hoofdstraat 28", Leiderdorp (2351 AK, NL) - now until the end of 2010
For an appointment on Saturday or Sunday, you can contact mr. Theo Nijssen.
Tel. (06) 55 393 801.

Expositie eind 2010, Leiderdorp


Open Art Fair, Utrecht - September 8 to 10, 2010
The work of Bob Tomanovic will be shown on the Open Art Fair in Utrecht from September 8 to 12, 2010. He will be represented by the gallery "De Herkenning", stall 3-52.
For more information visit Open Art Fair

Galerie des Beaux Arts, Heeze (NL), end of 2008

The Plaza Hotel Auke Hempenius, Milano's Clothier fashion show, The Plaza Hotel, New York, July 2003
The artist Tomanovic and the fashion designer Hempenius met early in 2003. Their meeting resulted in an innovative concept "wearable art", with Tomanovic's paintings integrated in Hempenius's innovative men's wear collection.

The resulting collection was launched in July 2003 at The Plaza Hotel in New York, with an exclusive exhibition of Tomanovic's paintings. Mr Auke Hempenius is the creative director and director of marketing and public relations of Milano's Clothier. Hempenius was chosen as one of the top six sales specialist in the country by Daily News Records the men's wear industry trade magazine. He is national co-chairman of the global movement "Dress up Thursdays". Auke Hempenius specializes in color analysis and personal wardrobe.


Soul Harbour

Oil canvas, in hand painted frame
appr. 180 x 130 cm


"Nada Brama"
(The World Is Sound)

Oil canvas, in hand painted frame
appr. 160 x 140 cm

Saint Baaf's Church, Aardenburg
July & August 2003, Bob Tomanovic's art (40 pieces) can be seen at the St. Baaf's church in Aardenburg, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Tomanovic was invited to exhibit at the church by the Cultural Foundation of Aardenburg. His exhibition launched a new regional initiative to use art as a way to attract tourism and stimulate the local economy.

The Belgian vice-president and Minister of Tourism, Mr. Landuit, opened the exhibition.

Artifair, a digital experience
Some of Tomanovic's works can be seen at a special three dimensional ('3D') website ''. Please note that you'll need to download a special plugin to visit this site.


Japan, special collaboration
In 2002 Tomanovic was invited to cooperate in a special collaboration with the president of the Japanese Shikigaku Institute (Eastern Astrology). The result was an exhibition in Sozenji Temple in Tokyo, commemorating the 750'th year after the death of Dogen, the establisher of the Soto School of Zen. Tomanovic painted expressions of ten famous Samurai karma's (destinies). Tomanovic was the first person ever allowed to exhibit art in a Soto Zen temple.

Japan Japan


One of Tomanovic's paintings has become a permanent part of the Sozenji temple.

Some years before Tomanovic already was invited to meditate in the oldest Zen temple of Japan, known as 'Eiheiji'. This was an important experience and inspiration for a deeper understanding of the Japanese way of life.

Click on the "start sound" button in the image left to hear some Eiheiji monks in a ceremonial prayer.

Previous exhibitions
April & May 2003, in the galery "'t Weefhuis", Bob had an exhibition at Lucas van Hauthemanlaan 1, Nuenen (The Netherlands). Below you'll find some of the paintings exhibited in Nuenen


River of the Light

The Center

Lama Talks

Hofvijver Den Haag, S. Bob Tomanovic

"Hofvijver", Dutch Parliament exhibition, The Hague
Spring of 2002, an exhibition called "Hofvijver in poetry and image" was organized, by the Hofvijver Foundation. The "Hofvijver" is the beautiful pond surrounding the Dutch parliament buildings in The Hague. Over 170 of the best artists from the Netherlands and Belgium were invited to portray the Hofvijver in words and images. The exhibition was opened by the former Prime Minister Wim Kok.

Hofvijver Den Haag, S. Bob Tomanovic The painting by Bob Tomanovic, "A mirror of the time", played a special role at this exhibition. Immediately after the opening it was bought by a lawyer office "Vermeulen en Groos", The Hague. Bob's painting was also chosen as the main visual 'image' for the exhibition, and was printed in several news papers and art magazines, like "", a leading Dutch magazine on art.

Soon after the opening of the exhibition, the Prime Minister's Cabinet took the initiative to invite Bob Tomanovic to make two more painting on the same theme "Hofvijver in poetry and image". These two paintings have already been finished.

One of the two paintings is planned to get a place at the renewed and historical "Catshuis" (the official residence of the Dutch Prime Minister) after the restauration. Since the summer of 2002 the other painting already found its place at the Dutch Parliament Building.

San Marco Venice, Italy
In the beginning of the nineties, Tomanovic had an exhibition in the Van Brixon Gallery in The Hague, with about thirty works inspired by and painted in Venice.

The exhibition was opened by the Italian consul in The Netherlands.

Santa Maria

Recent exhibitions
Some pictures from recent exhibitions...

Jocondes Kabinet, Den Haag

More information
For more information, you can contact Bob Tomanovic.