Meester van de Compositie - door Bob Tomanovic

Well-known author of six bestsellers Lucia van Loon has chosen Bobís painting "Satori" for the cover of her seventh book, which was published in 2011.

Meester van de Compositie - door Bob Tomanovic

Tomanovic published three wonderful books and supplied the art for the covers of books by many others, some of which can be seen on this page. Most book covers were designed by Bob Tomanovic in cooperation with graphic designer Walter Goyen ( LIQUA Advertising Agency ).

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Touching Eternity
In 2000 his second own book, "Touching Eternity", was published. This beautiful edition shows Tomanovic's magnificent art, accompanied by spiritual poems written by Marian Buurman. The poems are in English, Dutch and Japanese language. The Japanese translation was done by Kaori Goyen-Chiba.

Book on aquarel painting techniques
Bob Tomanovic's first book on painting techniques "Golden Tips for Water Color Painters", is sold out. In 2008 a new edition of this book is released.

Book covers

In the USA one of these books turned into a hit. "Dancing the Body of Light, The Future of Yoga", is succesful yoga book by the internationally well known yoga teachers Dona Holleman (Italy) and Orit Sen-Gupta (Israel). Several yoga magazines wrote positive comments on the book. The first edition was sold out quickly, a second edition followed. The book cover shows Tomanovic's spiritual art, which was digitally integrated with a yoga photo of writer Dona Holleman.

Loes van Loon is a spiritual writer, who published three books about life, karma, reincarnation, guides and spirituality. She is proud to have Tomanovic's art for her book covers.

Well known Dutch Spiritual writer, Hein Stufkens, writer of "Van engelen en uilen" (Angels and Owls) and "The Sacrament of Sophie", used Tomanovic's paintings for the cover of his books.

Every year "Buro Klik", publisher of the "Klikgids" ('the' Dutch spiritual and alternative health Yellow Pages) uses one of Tomanovic's paintings for their cover. This remarkable guide contains over 600 pages full of information on natural healing, 'alternative' teachers, therapists, artists, educations, centra, shops, professional organizations and lots of background information on spiritual and natural subjects.

Yasmin Verschure wrote two books, "Meesterschap voorbij de dood" (Mastership beyond death) and "Met een open hart" (With an open heart), using Tomanovic's impressive paintings as the cover.

Z.M. Slavinsky chose Bob Tomanovic's art for his book "The Dawn of Aivaz".