Bob Tomanovic is an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher, specialised in water colours and oil paints. He is well known for his "wet on wet" painting techniques. Bob is familiar with both abstract and realistic art. He occasionally organises courses, seminars and workshops in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. In a select group Bob teaches besides the elements of composition, special advanced and refined painting techniques. For more detailed information contact Tomanovic directly.


For companies, Bob Tomanovic occasionally organizes special group building workshops, where co-workers can join in a creative and inspiring project: making a painting together, guided by Bob. He is an experienced and very motivating art teacher, who knows all about oil paint and water colors.

If you are interested and if you want to have a relaxing and team enhancing day with your colleagues, please contact Bob Tomanovic. He can tell you all about the possibilities.


Growing interest in Gnosis
In recent years there is a growing interest for Gnosis. Many symposiums are being organised, in many books gnostic messages are being analysed and in the new light a new 'teaching' is being placed. A 'teaching' that in fact is not a real teaching and never will be...

Experiencing Gnosis
All religious movements are based on the Experience of Gnosis by an individual, who after that Experience often was inspired and tried to describe his experiences. If people follow such a path with intentions that are different from just experiencing an own Experience, then often a 'teaching' develops, that sometimes is interpreted in the right way and sometimes in the wrong way.

Of course it is not our intention to say anything about other teachings or religions, nor judge them. We just organise and guide the Gnostic Intensive, a course that gives individuals a good chance to really come to a Gnostic Experience. In its origin an experience of Gnosis is always an experience of non-duality, Re-ligion (litteraly translated as re-unite) in the pure sense of the word. Some people call this experience Anubava, others Inner Enlightenment or Satori, but in fact it all comes to ONE experience: the experience in which there is nothing but a continuum of self consciousness that is Omnipresent, after all limitations between observer and the observation have disappeared in a full de-identification of ego, time and space."

Enormous liberation
The problem is that any description of a Gnostic Experience can not bring the listener to the Experience. Usually one more or less has to do some effort to get that far. A good description of the Experience is impossible anyway, even if you are a master with words. You can only long for it and experience it yourself. An Experience of Gnosis is an enormous liberation. It starts a proces of consciousness, which will definitely be a big source of inspiration and insight, and will be very usefull in your daily life.

Three days Intensive Course
The Gnostic Intensive Course usually takes three days, where you'll stay at the course location. Sometime we may organise a longer Intensive. It is not necessary to know anything about Gnosis or to read anything before coming to the course. The only important condition is that you are motivated to experience the Experience. The excellent technique of the Gnostic Intensive will guide you well on your path.

Do you want to join our course?
We are sorry, Bob Tomanovic organises the Gnostic Intensive Courses only in The Netherlands. There are some other 'Intensive courses' in other countries, like the UK, the USA, Germany and Yugoslavia. We can not advise you on this, but you could look on the Internet for 'Enlightenment Intensive' or 'Gnostic Intensive'.

Just see... when you are ready to join our Intensive Course, you can always contact Bob Tomanovic for more information. We will voluntarily give our service to you and to anyone who, just like us, always wanted to know where we come from and where we are going to.

Touching Eternity - a spiritual movie
See also the movie 'Touching Eternity', a spiritual quest for yourself. In some minutes this animation takes you on a journey, inspired by Bob's book 'Touching Eternity' and the experiences during a Gnostis Intensive. Please join this inspiring spiritual journey!